Current and previous positions

October 2019->OsloMet External examinator at the masterprogram for mental healthwork
January 2019 →  University of Oslo Postdoctoral research fellow Title of project: The effect affective bias modification on transdiagnostic rumination and symptoms
January 2019 ->Nevropsykologisk klinikk Psykolog 5%
September 2017 – November 2017  Diakonhjemmet hospital Researcher
August 2012 – September 2017University of Oslo PhD research fellow Title of thesis: Executive function in binge drinking young adults: A longitudinal study


September 2012-September 2017University of Oslo Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology
January 2006-December 2010University of Oslo
August 2005 – December 2006Norwegian School of Economics Economics and business administration
August 2004 – June 2005Lillehammer University College Psychology, 1 year


Spring 2022Writing to learn – large module, University pedagogy (30h)
Spring 2022Writing to learn – small module, University pedagogy (15h)
Spring 2020Introductory Module on University Pedagogy (120 h)
February 2018ICH E6 GCP (R2) – Good clinical practice
Spring 2016Grand prix of research dissemination. Coaching in presentation techniques and storytelling.
December 2015Seminar on Univeristy pedagogy, UiODoc.
January 2015Seminar on academic writing, UiODoc. Title: Make sense and be heard.  

Organizational work

2019 ->Member of the ethical committee at the Department of psychology, UiO.
2019->Member of several committees related to the appointment of faculty and temporal positions at the department of psychology, UiO.
2016Deputy head of PsyDoc – interest group for temporary employees at the University of Oslo
2017Board member of PsyDoc


September 2012→Lecturer, seminar leader, subject teacher, and examinator for numerous courses in psychology at the University of Oslo, both at BA and MA-level. Supervisor for multiple bachelor and master thesis.

Public outreach

2015→Several media appearances (TV, radio, newspapers, opt-eds, etc.)


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